Quebec (Canada) – A Hub for Clinical Trials

Find out why

For our reputation and quality

  • World-class academic research centres and institutes
  • Research clinicians are globally recognized for major medical discoveries and innovations, and their ability to conduct clinical research in complex therapeutic areas
  • Publicly funded healthcare system known for quality
  • One of the most ethnically diverse populations in the world; can accommodate trials in all therapeutic areas
  • Supporting pan-Canadian standards with N2 provincial membership

For the speed of our regulatory approval

  • Health Canada ensures a 30-day regulatory review process
  • Quebec offers a unified single ethics review framework for studies conducted in more than one public institution

For our top infrastructure

  • Ultra-modern, state-of-the-art hospital and research centres
  • $10B of investments and a universal healthcare system mean cost advantages for conducting trials
  • Sustained long-term clinical trial outcomes through the integration of patient care, training and research; with the ability to track and demonstrate ROIs

For being home to top 10 biopharmaceutical markets

  • World leading pharma companies regularly conduct a wide range of clinical trials in both Canada and Quebec
  • More than 5,000 clinical trials currently underway in Canada; with nearly 40% conducted in Quebec

For the incentives of conducting ESCT in Quebec

  • Significant cost savings through R&D incentives and a historically low CAD exchange rate
  • Canada’s R&D tax treatment is one of the most favourable in the world and can reduce the cost of clinical trials
  • Reasonable salary costs for a highly skilled and educated personnel

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