The Nagano system is now interconnected to all Quebec institutions

CATALIS launches of the new “MULTI” interface, which allows intercommunication among Nagano-connected public institutions in Quebec’s health and social service network for the management and approval of multicentre clinical research projects.

The Nagano MULTI project, which required more than 18 months of development, was made possible through the joint efforts of SEMI Solutions Médicales and the CATALIS Initiative and received support from the latter’s partners.

“To achieve our mission of positioning Quebec as a leader in early-stage clinical research, we deemed it a priority to maximize the administrative efficiency of the institution by optimizing their research project communications and management tool. This solution is appropriate because many public institutions in the network are in the process of implementing the Nagano system,” stated Danika Laberge, General Director of CATALIS Québec.

The Nagano data processing system is currently in use by more than 16 institutions in Quebec to manage all the aspects involved in authorizing an institution’s research project, including the scientific, ethics and site specific reviews. Until very recently, the Nagano systems of the different institutions operated independently of one another. With this new communication interface, the institutions in the network will be able to access some information from the other sites, which should facilitate the launch and ongoing management of multicentre clinical research projects.

“Since 2016, the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec has allowed institutions to conduct a single ethics review for a multicentre research project. Despite this opportunity, whose goal was to standardize the coordinated launch of clinical trials, it was difficult to maximize its benefits, mainly because our data processing systems were not compatible. We are delighted to finally be able to take advantage of these features, which should greatly facilitate our activities and those of our researchers on a daily basis,” explained Marie Hirtle, Chair of the McGill University Health Centre Research Ethic Board.

The new MULTI interface was rolled out on March 1st, 2019 and is available for all new research projects submitted via this system. Studies submitted prior to this date will be interconnected this coming summer.