CATALIS and the McPeak-Sirois Group collaborate to promote the growth of clinical research in Quebec

The two organizations are joining forces to maximize the human and economic benefits of clinical trials province-wide.

For nearly a year, CATALIS Québec has been orchestrating projects whose aim is to optimize Quebec’s performance in clinical research. We are very proud to welcome the McPeak-Sirois Group for Clinical Research in Breast Cancer as a new member of our advisory committee. I am confident that this collaboration will allow us to ensure Quebec’s competitiveness in clinical research by meeting the needs of our partners and patients,” stated Danika Laberge, general manager of CATALIS Québec.

CATALIS and the McPeak-Sirois Group are collaborating with many institutions in Quebec’s health and social service network to maximize private investment or to acquire more clinical trials, facilitate the launch of clinical trials and help patients access innovative treatments.

Five institutions in the healthcare system, eight large pharmaceutical companies, the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS), the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation (MEI) and other key stakeholders sit on CATALIS’ advisory committee. The joint and coordinated actions taken by this vast network of partners will guarantee the establishment of best global practices in clinical research in Quebec.

Similarly to what our Group has accomplished, it is essential that the driving forces behind clinical research in Quebec come together to offer patients the best care. Our commitment to facilitating access to clinical research for as many breast cancer patients as possible is in line with innovative initiatives such as that of CATALIS, with whom we are very enthusiastic to work with today,” commented Dominique Johnson, general manager of the McPeak-Sirois Group.


Converging missions

Mandated by the provincial government, CATALIS Québec’s mission is to make Quebec a world leader in the conduct of early-stage clinical trials in order to accelerate the development of innovative drugs for patients. CATALIS Québec’s strategy is to bring together stakeholders in the life science sector in Quebec in order to maximize the operational excellence of healthcare institutions in early trials and promote their expertise around the world.

The McPeak-Sirois Group is a charitable organization whose mission is to fight breast cancer more effectively by increasing patients’ access and participation to clinical trials. The Group’s scientific committee is made up of internationally renowned scientists who oversee the selection of clinical studies offered to the consortium’s member hospitals. Co-founded in 2015 by Susan McPeak, a breast cancer survivor, and Charles Sirois, a well-known entrepreneur, the McPeak-Sirois Group is committed to promoting research that cares by bringing it closer to breast cancer patients throughout Quebec.


In the photo : Danika Laberge, general manager of CATALIS Québec and Dominique Johnson, general manager of the McPeak-Sirois Group.


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