Carol Jabet leaves CATALIS Québec’s board of directors

CATALIS Québec’s management team is proud to congratulate Carole Jabet on her appointment to the position of scientific director of the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé (FRQS) and would like to thank her for her major contribution to the CATALIS initiative.

Jabet, who is currently the assistant director of research at the CHUM Research Centre, announced her resignation from CATALIS Québec’s board of directors shortly after her appointment to the FRQS was announced on June 27th.


I took on the CATALIS initiative with great enthusiasm and conviction because I believe in its mission to increase Quebec’s attractiveness as an ideal place for research. Although I’m sorry to have to leave the board of directors, I will remain committed to advancing competitive early-stage clinical research for the benefit of health care facilities, patients and the Quebec population at large,” said Jabet.


Carole Jabet has been an important collaborator of our organization from the start of the early clinical research initiative in 2016, which later became the CATALIS initiative and the CATALIS Québec coordination office. In particular, she helped foster a culture of operational excellence in partner health and social service establishments. Her departure is clearly a loss for our organization, but I’m confident that we’ve gained an ally. I wish her great success in her new role,” stated Danika Laberge, General Manager of CATALIS Québec.


On behalf of CATALIS Québec’s board of directors, I sincerely congratulate Carole Jabet on her new role as scientific director of the FRQS and wish to thank her for her involvement in CATALIS. She helped us tremendously in developing the tools and strategic directions to guide our actions and fulfill our mission to make Quebec a world leader in early-stage clinical research—all in the interest of patients in need of groundbreaking treatment options,” stated Dr. Marc Rivière, Chairperson of CATALIS Québec’s board of directors and General Partner and Medical Director at TVM Capital.


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