The CHUM Research Centre’s Unit for Innovative Therapies Officially Opens

The institution is developing strong early-stage clinical trial expertise in partnership with the biopharmaceutical industry.


On August 29th, the management team at the CHUM Research Centre officially opened its Unit for Innovative Therapies (UIT), a competitive infrastructure for early-stage clinical research in Canada.

As part of the CATALIS Initiative, the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation provided $800,000 in financial support to the institution for the rollout of its early-stage clinical research, used mainly for launching the UIT and hiring highly qualified research staff.

Established in the fall of 2018, the UIT meets the highest inpatient unit standards, with its 680 square metres of space and 15 beds.

Under the medical responsibility of Dr. Rahima Jamal, an experienced 11-person team (specialized clinicians, nurses, research coordinators) conducts phase 1 and 2 clinical studies in oncology and neurology in order to offer our patients the most advanced treatment options. The CHUM’s clinical expertise in oncology has a special focus on immuno-oncology and cell therapy.

Today, major pharmaceutical companies are offering phase-1 clinical trials at the UIT. In June 2019, six studies were underway at the UIT. The CRCHUM can count on more than 70 investigators to conduct early-phase clinical trials. The goal of the UIT is to strengthen the health care system, a priority established by the 2017-2027 Québec Life Sciences Strategy.

Four other institutions (the MUHC, CHU Sainte-Justine, Centre de recherche du CHUS, Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec – Université Laval) benefit from the support of the CATALIS Initiative to bolster their early clinical research expertise and together put Quebec on the map as a location of choice for early clinical research.

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Source: CHUM Research Centre