Danika Laberge, General Manager at CATALIS Québec

Solutions to Stimulate Clinical Research in Quebec

2020 promises to be a pivotal year for the rise of clinical research in Quebec. With our partners and sector stakeholders, we are taking concrete steps towards making Quebec an authority in the clinical trial sector.

Three years ago, the Government of Quebec tasked us with establishing a coordination centre to attract early-stage clinical research projects outsourced from pharmaceutical companies to participating health care institutions.

Our goal? To capitalize on this large share of the global market that clinical trials represent—estimated to be worth US$69 billion by 2026—and thus offer a wider array of clinical trials to Quebec patients so that they can access the most recent innovations in health care.


CATALIS Québec plans to attract private investors by improving the clinical research environment in Quebec, which will benefit patients while also generating savings for the health care system.

To reach this goal, we first built a network of 19 partners made up of university hospital centres, pharmaceutical companies, representatives from the Government of Quebec and life science organizations. Together, we identified provincial issues and started developing projects to find simple, flexible and efficient solutions to improve ways of conducting clinical trials in Quebec’s public health network.

We were very excited to see the positive outcomes of our efforts, because, in addition to generating unprecedented mobilization on the part of multiple partners, our preliminary data already shows optimized clinical trial startup times.

One of our priorities in 2020 is to offer a reliable system that not only allows Quebec’s health care institutions to measure their standardized performance indicators in real time but also facilitates optimal communication between the institutions and the private companies.

We are working closely with the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec to make these solutions implemented over the entire public network.

Amid a highly competitive international market, we will continue to work hard to discover innovative practices that will make Quebec an undisputed leader in clinical research.

We are very optimistic about this new year and cannot wait to implement our vision with our current and future partners.

Danika Laberge, General Manager