CATALIS Québec applauds the Quebec Government’s commitment to clinical research

The Quebec Government’s 2020–2021 budget, tabled yesterday by Minister of Finance Éric Girard, mentions investments in the field of clinical research, a commitment that was favourably received by CATALIS Québec’s board of directors.

Offering a greater array of clinical trials to patients in Quebec so that they can access the most recent health innovations is at the centre of CATALIS Québec’s mission. We are happy to see that the Quebec Government’s budget includes $118.0 million in investments for Quebec’s life sciences sector, notably supporting Génome Québec, the Montreal Clinical Research Institute and CATALIS Québec,” stated Dr. Marc Rivière, the chair of CATALIS Québec’s board of directors.

CATALIS Québec will be granted $15.0 million over three years to increase the number of clinical trials conducted by Québec businesses, facilitate collaboration between the different players in the life sciences sector and speed up the development of innovative treatments.

Clinical research aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. For patients, participating in a clinical trial evaluating a new treatment option can be a great opportunity to benefit from the latest advances in biomedical research.

Over the past three years, CATALIS Québec has built a network of 19 public and private partners that is developing simple, flexible and efficient solutions to improve how clinical trials are conducted in Quebec’s public health network.

The Quebec Government’s decision to reinvest part of the 1.7 billion dollar surplus from 2019–2020 into projects that will increase the province’s capacity to provide more clinical trials will generate positive returns for public health, on top of stimulating private investment in Quebec,” concluded Dr. Marc Rivière.