International clinical trials' day: Clinical Research Saves Lives

International Clinical Trials’ Day:
Clinical Research Saves Lives

For the International Clinical Trials’ Day, CATALIS asked the leaders in the field: “Why is clinical research essential?


“Clinical research exposes physicians and their teams to cutting-edge technologies that help to challenge and improve current care.”


Dr. Rémi Quirion

“Clinical research is in the continuum of the innovation chain. Academic research laboratories are like knowledge-based SMEs. They are all at risk of job loss and loss of subsidy, much like SMEs. Research in academia and in research centres is our future: it is the first stage of innovation.”


Dr. Alan Bernstein

“Clinical research is crucial because we need to be able to treat serious illnesses. If we could already cure most diseases, we would not need clinical research. Clinical research is the only way to understand all medical conditions, such as mental illness, cancer and cardiovascular disease.”


Monique Lacroix

“The people of Quebec and Canada must be able to take advantage of all cutting-edge innovations such as cell therapy and gene therapy.”


Dr Jean-Claude Tardif

“The pandemic has shown the importance of clinical research. It is a good example of how clinical studies are essential to finding solutions to global problems. The public is becoming aware of its crucial role in medicine and healthcare.”


Dr. Angela Genge

“In neurology, many diseases still do not have effective treatments. The most important thing I can do for my patients is to give them access to a new therapy that is potentially life changing.”


Luc Feldmann

“The pandemic crisis has reminded us that research takes time. People realize that the biggest discoveries are not made in a year. Validating, producing, and making a drug available is complicated and takes time.”


Dr. Julie Autmizguine

“As a pediatric infectious disease clinician, I consider that clinical research is indispensable to make an impact on mothers’ and children’s health.”


Dominique Johnson

“Clinical research should be an integral part of care. It should not be a “last resort” option to be used only once all others have been exhausted. Clinical research should be part of a continuum of care for the good of the patient.”