CATALIS Quebec announces the rolls out the 2nd phase of Nagano clinical trial evaluation management system synchronization in the Quebec’s health and social services institutions

Since 2010, majority of public institutions in Quebec’s health and social services network have gradually integrated the Nagano computer system, a platform that makes the administrative management of research projects, including clinical trials’ evaluation and approval easier. To facilitate the management of multi-centre research projects approval, CATALIS – in collaboration with Semiweb supplier and CATALIS network public partners – launched a major project in 2018 that would interconnect all institutions’ Nagano systems.

In March 2019, CATALIS Québec announced the project’s inaugural roll-out, aiming to interconnect all new clinical trials entered in the Nagano computer system across the entire province.

Today, CATALIS Québec is proud to announce the launch of the project’s final phase, which will provide inter-institutional standardization of the Nagano platforms as well as the synchronization of all administrative activities related to the ongoing management of research projects approval. The roll-out of the final phase of this project will be progressively integrated in all Quebec institutions between January 18 and June 30, 2021.

We look forward to this inter-institutional integration, as it will eliminate the need for the various parties to communicate with each other by e-mail; this will improve both documentation compliance and our teams’ performance. I am convinced that through the integrated and efficient management of multi-centre project evaluations and approvals, we will provide Quebec patients with faster access to clinical trials,” states Marie Hirtle, Assistant to the Director (QEPE) and Chair of the Research Ethics Board at the McGill University Health Centre.

This launch is an important milestone for Quebec; not only will it create greater efficiency in the management of multi-centre clinical trials, but it will also contribute to the implementation of a provincial database that will make it easier to recruit and refer participants in Quebec,” said Danika Laberge, General Manager of CATALIS Québec.

About CATALIS Québec

CATALIS Québec is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and operational excellence of clinical research in Quebec. Our mission is to optimize Quebec’s clinical research environment to maximize private investment and accelerate the development of innovative patient care.



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