Dr. Genge, Chair of the scientific advisors' committee

CATALIS is now implementing its new strategic plan with the creation of new advisory committees

Since 2018, CATALIS’s operational activities have been guided essentially by an advisory committee composed of research centre administrators, pharmaceutical industry members, and government representatives. In 2021, given that the new strategic plan extends the scope of CATALIS’s actions, two new advisory committees will be created: a committee of scientific advisors and a patient advisory committee.

CATALIS announces the creation of the new Scientific Advisory Committee

The scientific advisors committee’s mandate will be to issue recommendations to CATALIS to optimize the scientific, medical, and innovation components within the clinical research ecosystem and monitore international innovations to identify new and distinctive advantages for Quebec.

“We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Angela Genge, Neurologist and Director of the Clinical Research Unit at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, as Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee. Dr. Genge will lead a committee featuring ten leading experts well known for their accomplishments and expertise in clinical research. CATALIS will greatly benefit from the proven leadership and experience of these great clinical researchers,” states Jacques Hendlisz, Executive President of CATALIS Québec.

“Because researchers are some of the main stakeholders working on multiple levels to improve the success rates of clinical trials, our knowledge will strengthen the guidance to CATALIS to improve the effectiveness of clinical trials,” says Dr. Genge. “I believe that through this opportunity, we will be able to expand some of CATALIS’s initiatives so they reach the medical community across the province, which will maximize the benefits to patients,” adds Dr. Genge.

The scientific advisory committee’s work, which will begin in the fall of 2021, will aim to maximize the competitivity of the clinical research programs in Quebec. The patient advisory committee will be announced this fall.

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