CATALIS Begins Its Public And Patient Engagement Process

Since last summer, CATALIS has been developing a patient component that will also complement the comprehensive, collaborative model that defines the organization’s mission. This model already has a wide range of life sciences industry stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, the Ministry of Health and Social Services, CATALIS network institution executives, industry partners, renowned clinical researchers and major research organizations working together.

CATALIS strongly believes that involving patients, caregivers, and patient associations is essential to integrating innovation through clinical research and to improving health care in Quebec. Our efforts to promote patient engagement are designed to encourage and empower all Quebecers to fully participate in research from which they benefit and the care they receive. The patient’s perspective will be shared through alliances with patient associations and patient partner groups in various therapeutic fields. These collaborations will contribute, on several levels, to developing Quebec patient engagement programs in clinical research.

Clinical research provides patients with access to the latest innovations in health care. We support the option that participation in clinical trials should be systematic and equitable for all Quebecers for whom current therapies cannot provide an acceptable quality of life. Our work in developing the patient component will contribute to fulfilling CATALIS’ initial vision of creating an environment that allows all Quebec patients to have easy access to clinical trials, should they wish to participate.