The CATALIS Network Rolls Out a New Strategic Plan for 2024-2028


The CATALIS Quebec Network is pleased to announce the rollout of its new 2024-2028 Strategic Plan in collaboration with its partners, the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MHSS) and the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Energy (MEIE). 


An Innovative and Ambitious Strategic Plan for 2024-2028


In 2024-2028, the CATALIS Network must operate against a backdrop of major transformations to provide an even more innovative and productive clinical research environment.

Together, we aim to:

1. Accelerate the Launch and Facilitate the Conduct of Clinical Research Projects in Quebec, particularly to: 

i. Update and continuously improve the provincial clinical research performance indicators dashboard.
ii. Facilitate the development, implementation, updating, and continuous improvement of common provincial solutions (standards, processes, tools, services) with CATALIS’ various advisory committees in order to optimize the performance of clinical research (clinical trials and other clinical research projects) in Quebec health network institutions (HSNIs).
iii. Ensure the growth and continue the provincial rollout of the FAST TRACK Evaluation Service in health and social services network (HSSN) institutions.
iv. Support the government in implementing Bill 5 in the health and social services network to facilitate the launch and conduct of research project

2. Strengthen Provincial Clinical Research Expertise 

i. Support the next generation of clinical research staff, so the labour shortages are never an impediment to expanding the research project pipeline in Quebec.
ii. Contribute to the development of a professional training program in clinical research.
iii. Support institutions with quality assurance.

3. Facilitate Patient Recruitment and Referral

i. Pursue and update the deployment of clinical research communication strategies to raise awareness, inform, educate, motivate and engage patients, family caregivers and healthcare professionals in Quebec regarding the importance of clinical research.
ii. Expand the Personalized Support Service (to patients and healthcare professionals) to make it easier to identify research projects that match specific medical profiles.
iii. Develop a service that facilitates patient recruitment for complex clinical trials (e.g., rare diseases and/or with complex recruitment criteria).
iv. Ensure that Quebec offers a patient-partner service to optimize how trials are designed and conducted (e.g., represent the “voice of the patient” to validate the protocol design, the patient journey in a trial, and the strategy to maximize diversity and inclusion).

4. Facilitate the Implementation of an Innovative Environment 

i. Help lead special projects to facilitate the implementation of an innovative environment in Quebec (e.g. a precision medicine and genomics pilot project).
ii. Identify issues and support the development of common solutions to facilitate innovative, decentralized, inclusive, and diversified trials in the HSSN.

5. Increase Quebec’s International Exposure to Attract More Clinical Research Projects 

i. Pursue and update the deployment of clinical research communication strategies to inform and serve academic and private sponsors.
ii. Implement and maintain provincial public directories to facilitate identification and collaboration with clinical research experts in Quebec.
iii. Conduct business development activities to attract clinical trials to Quebec that are specific to the needs of patients and HSNIs.

6. Foster Effective Collaborations

i. Ensure the integration of new provincial, public, and private partners without compromising the CATALIS Network’s agility and efficiency.
ii. Support the Quebec government in strengthening the province’s strategic vision for clinical research and collaborate on action plans and government programs that incorporate clinical research activities (e.g. rare diseases action plan).
iii. Collaborate with existing government initiatives and infrastructures to highlight Quebec’s expertise on the international stage.
iv. Monitor the Quebec, pan-Canadian and international clinical research ecosystems to identify and assess global best practices.


Building on 2020-2024’s Collaborative Achievements


It is worth noting that in 2020-2024, thanks to the support of a vast Network of Public-Private Partners committed to patients’ well-being, CATALIS was able to celebrate some major collaborative achievements, such as (1) the launch of a provincial dashboard of research performance indicators for health network (HSSN) institutions, (2) the harmonization of operational and administrative practices in HSSN research centres, (3) the rollout of the FAST TRACK Evaluation Service, and the (4) launch of the Clinical Trials Quebec (CTQ) information and services hub, which includes a Directory of Patient Organizations, a Public Clinical Trials Database (powered by Nagano SemiWeb), and a Personalized Support Service for Quebec patients, caregivers, and health professionals.

CATALIS would like to thank the Quebec government, healthcare institutions and their research centres, the industry, patient associations, and the patient partners who are members of its Network for their extensive expertise and dedication. Together, we continue to optimize the clinical research environment to make it easy for patients who want to participate in trials in Quebec to do so.


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