CATALISclinical trials

Quebec’s experts and resources are joining forces to offer excellence in clinical research to optimize the development of innovative drugs on a global scale

CATALIS in context

CATALIS is financed by the Government of Quebec by public and private partners to promote Quebec’s excellence in early stage clinical research. CATALIS is a collaboration of the various life sciences stakeholders whose objective is to increase the development of innovative treatments.


Type of clinical trial targeted

CATALIS’ main focus is on early stage clinical trials (Phase I and Phase II, including Phase II-III) pertaining to pharmacology, biomarkers and biopharmaceutical devices and procedures intended for patients.

These studies must be initiated by private or partially-private sponsors, i.e., those with sponsorships of 50% or more from private sources.

A Strategic Orientation

Guiding short-term, mid-term, and long-term actions.

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A Mobilized Ecosystem

Working in a common direction to efficiently achieve our goal.

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Efficient Governance

Putting tomorrow’s progress into play today.

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