CATALIS Quebec is a non-profit organization whose governance relies on a Network of public and private partners to carry out its vision and mission of operational improvement and excellence in clinical research in Quebec. The Advisory Committee plays an advisory role by supporting the executive management team in implementing the strategic plan and any priority actions approved by the board of directors.

Board of Directors

Me Jean Groleau


Chairman of the Board of Directors
Lawyer and co-founder, Groleau Gauthier Plante LLP

Marc Rivière


Former Chairman of the Board of Directors
General Partner & CMO, TVM Capital Life Sciences Inc.

Monique Lacroix

B. Pharm., M.Sc.

Vice President of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Human Resources and Governance Committee
Pharmacist, Clinical Research Professional and Guest Lecturer

Louise Proulx


Chair of the Audit and Risk Management Committee

Corporate Director

Diane Gosselin


Administrator of the Board of Directors
President & CEO, CQDM

Wilson Miller


Administrator of the Board of Directors
Co-Director of Clinical Research, Lady Davis Institute, Jewish General Hospital Director

Guy A. Rouleau


Administrator of the Board of Directors
Director of the Neuro, Director of Neurology and Neurosurgery, McGill University

Jefferson Tea


Administrator of the Board of Directors
Vice-President, Medical & Scientific Affairs, Takeda Canada Inc.

Observer Members

Marco Blouin

CEO, Science and Partnership Direction Ministry of the Economy, Innovation and Energy of Quebec

Julie Couture

Director of Data Quality, Research and Internal Coordination Ministry of Health and Social Services

Nathalie Girard

Strategic Projects Coordinator, Life Sciences Branch Ministry of the Economy, Innovation and Energy of Quebec


Danika Laberge

President and Chief Executive Officer

François Painchaud

Corporate Secretary
Partner Robic


Presidency and Executive Management

Danika Laberge


President and CEO of CATALIS Quebec

Danika Laberge, PMP

Danika Laberge has more than 30 years of professional experience in research in the health and social services network and in the private sector. With her expertise, focus on operational excellence, leadership and mobilization skills, Danika has been able to implement an organizational structure that capitalizes on the diverse expertise of the CATALIS Network members. This structure allows for the ongoing identification of provincial clinical research priorities in order to develop effective collaborative solutions to optimize the clinical research environment in Quebec.

Among her recent major achievements, Danika, with the dedication and commitment of the CATALIS network members and a dedicated internal team, has orchestrated:

  • The implementation of an automated provincial dashboard (PowerBI) to track performance indicators and clinical research activities in Quebec health institutions. These indicators provide a better understanding of the priorities and allow targeted actions to be taken to improve Quebec’s competitiveness in clinical research;
  • The harmonization of the administrative practices of the clinical research sites in Quebec, which has led to the creation of the FAST TRACK Evaluation Service. This service aims to evaluate and approve clinical trials in Quebec in ≤ 8 weeks, a 75% reduction in the standard approval time;
  • The creation of Clinical Trials Quebec (CTQ), an information and services hub for all things clinical research, powered by the CATALIS Network and developed in partnership with the Quebec government. CTQ is an innovative provincial tool that provides high-quality, complete, impartial and accessible information on clinical research, as well as innovative and free services that facilitate access to clinical trials for the Quebec population;
  • The creation of a Personalized Support Service that provides free assistance to patients, caregivers and medical staff in searching for and identifying clinical trials that meet their criteria; and
    • The creation of a new service to facilitate recruitment for complex trials.

Respect, ethics, innovation and efficiency are at the heart of Danika’s priorities. These values guide the identification and implementation of provincial best practices that optimize the clinical research environment for the benefit of Quebec patients.

Management Team

Me Alexandra Obadia

LL.B., LL.M.

Chief Legal and Data Officer 

Me Alexandra Obadia, LL.B., LL.M.

Me Obadia has more than 30 years of experience as a lawyer and manager in the field of health research and genomics. With a Master’s degree in Law, Biotechnology and Society, her expertise ranges from legal, ethical and operational issues related to research to innovation and governance of health databases and biobanks.

Having led CARTaGENE for 13 years, she is recognized for developing and implementing a governance model that allows access to data and samples for research while ensuring confidentiality and social acceptability.

Her extensive experience in the health research ecosystem has enabled her to develop trusted relationships and strategic partnerships in both the public and private sectors, and to chair and serve on numerous committees and boards.

As Chief Legal and Data Officer at CATALIS, Me Obadia’s mandate is to lead the organization’s legal and ethical affairs, as well as to develop a health data governance expertise service whose role will be to support the healthcare network in developing systems for access to medical-administrative data in line with best practices.

Olivier Jérôme


Director of Engagement, Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives

Olivier Jérôme, MIntlBus

With over ten years of professional experience in the general and operational management of health organizations, Olivier Jérôme has overseen various mandates that focused on patients and their family caregivers.

A seasoned administrator in the organizational development and operationalization of health programs, he has actively participated in creating, reorganizing, and expanding the units he was responsible for, including those in reproductive medicine, obstetrics, oncology, and rare diseases. Olivier also has a comprehensive understanding of the political environment and governmental affairs in health at the federal and provincial levels. He will use this expertise to benefit patients and family caregivers by facilitating and accelerating access to innovative health treatments.

He joins the CATALIS team with a passion for both research and access to innovation in health care and will undoubtedly contribute to the success of its mission.

Dorothy McKelvey

Director of Operations, Central Office 

Dorothy McKelvey

Dorothy started our working as a clinical research coordinator/manager in rheumatology at the for 26 years, Clinical Trial Monitor at Nymox start-up for Phase III studies throughout the US including IRB submissions for all sites, budget negotiations and monitoring the sites for 3 years. She started at the Research Institute of the MUHC in 2011 in the role of auditor and was promoted to Manager, Pediatric/Adult and Regulatory team including submissions and budgets. She acted as interim Associate Director of Operations for 2 years which included many managers, project managers, biostatisticians, data management, quality assurance. Her team was multidisciplinary with research coordinators, nurses, respiratory therapists, kinesiologists, and physiotherapist in all indications not including oncology.

As Director of Operations, Central Office at CATALIS, Dorothy will be responsible for the implementation, supervision, and performance of the FAST TRACK Evaluation Service and will collaborate in the management of other operational activities of CATALIS Quebec.

Isabelle Sokolnicka


Director of Internal, Scientific and Corporate Communications 

Isabelle Sokolnicka, B. Sc. pol., GrDip Jour.

Isabelle began her career as a science journalist, a role that allowed her to cover topics such as neurodevelopmental disorders affecting Canadian children and stem cell transplants for the treatment of cancer.

A quadrilingual communications professional specialized in digital marketing, she is passionate about health and innovation; she was the project manager of the award-winning injury prevention program at the McGill University Health Centre. Isabelle has led national and international marketing communications initiatives in Canada and abroad in areas ranging from healthcare reform to the reduction of maternal and neonatal mortality, namely in collaboration with the University of Montreal Hospital Centre.

A brand builder and a seasoned strategist, Isabelle looks forward to joining the CATALIS team to elevate the organization’s profile and promote Quebec’s expertise in clinical research, and ultimately participate in the acceleration of innovative treatments

Stéphanie Lamarche

‎M. SC., PMP

Associate Program Director

Stéphanie Lamarche, ‎M. SC., PMP

With a Master’s degree in Microbiology and Immunology and a PMP certification, Stéphanie has 16 years of experience in clinical research. Driven by a passion for project management, her expertise ranges from process improvement and effective problem solving to transparent and engaging communication.

Stéphanie has held coordination, quality assurance and project management positions at several Contract Research Organizations (CRO) and at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC). Most recently, she has held project management positions with responsibility for leading multiple cross-functional teams and strategically developing partnerships with pharmaceutical industry clients.

Stéphanie joins CATALIS Quebec as Associate Program Director. Her solid expertise in the field of clinical research will enable her to contribute to the success of CATALIS’ mission, particularly with regard to patient access to clinical trials and strengthening Quebec’s competitiveness in this field.

Central Office Services

Mireille Dessureault

M. SC.

Senior Project Lead 

Mireille Dessureault, M. Sc.

Mireille holds two master’s degrees in science, one in molecular biology from the Université de Montréal, and a second in experimental medicine from McGill University. Over the past few years, Mireille has worked as a clinical research coordinator in hospitals, as well as a clinical trials coordinator in pharmaceutical settings.

Having started working in the field of basic research during her studies, she then became interested in the clinical aspect of oncology research. Mireille has worked in the fields of sarcoma, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and melanoma, which makes her a versatile project manager who will certainly be useful during the CATALIS FAST TRACK Evaluation Service pilot project.

Mireille has always been a supporter of optimization in all aspects, and it is with great enthusiasm that she has joined the CATALIS team to contribute to the optimization and outreach of clinical research in Quebec.

Cristina Al-Ali


Project Lead 

Cristina Al-Ali

Cristina holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) from the University of Montreal and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from abroad. She worked as a Research Coordinator at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), where she collaborated with several researchers in the Department of Transplantation, the Cedars Cancer Centre, and the Centre for Innovative Medicine (CIM). Specialised in clinical research for the last 5 years, Cristina has been involved in phase II-IV clinical trials and biobanks, which has allowed her to be in constant contact with patients, to collaborate with several health professionals, and to work with research ethics committees.

Before joining the CATALIS team, Cristina also worked as a Clinical Research Associate for a Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) – a professional experience through which she developed skills in confidentiality agreements, ethical review of multi-centre research projects in the Health and Social Services Network (HSSN), as well as in centralized ethics submission.

As a Project Lead, Cristina will contribute to the development of the FAST TRACK Evaluation Service with the goal of helping patients obtain better access to clinical trials in Quebec.

Kristina Amja

M. SC.

Project Lead 

Kristina Amja, M. Sc.

Kristina holds a Master of Science in Chronic Pain from McGill University.

Over the past few years, Kristina has been involved in a number of research projects related to patient partnership and patient experience in the healthcare system. Kristina also holds a Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma, a skill that will undoubtedly contribute to the development of CATALIS’ Quality Management and Continuous Service Improvement Program. Kristina also applies this knowledge in her volunteer activities with the office of Quality and Continuous Improvement at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, where she helps maintain quality improvement and optimize the quality of life of the users of this institution.

Kristina’s professional goal is to promote a patient-centred approach to care and to improve and facilitate access to clinical trials in Quebec for all medical conditions.

Yasmine Hadji

Project Lead 

Yasmine Hadji

Yasmine holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Montreal and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Before joining CATALIS, Yasmine worked in a hospital as a Clinical Research Coordinator in the Ethics and Regulatory Affairs department for phase I to III studies. Thanks to this professional experience, she had the opportunity to work with several researchers and acquire various skills, in particular in IRB submission, multi-center research projects, as well as in regulatory start-up processes at research sites in the Health and Social Services Network.

Yasmine has also worked in pediatric allergy, hematology and oncology. These diverse experiences have shaped her versatility and adaptability, soft skills that will serve her well in her role.

As a Project Lead at CATALIS, Yasmine will be involved in the development of the FAST TRACK Evaluation Service to help Quebec patients obtain rapid access to clinical trials.

Sutton Smith

PH. D.

Project Lead

Sutton Smith, Ph. D.

Sutton holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Concordia University. Over the past few years, as part of her dissertation research, Sutton has led an interdisciplinary neuroimaging research project on preschool age identical twins.
She has also worked with the Centre de recherche du CHU Sainte-Justine on the pediatric neuroimaging project, enhancing her knowledge of good documentation and consent practices.

Sutton’s diverse skills in scientific writing, advanced statistics, ethical protocol management and project submission will serve her well as a Project Lead in the CATALIS FAST TRACK Evaluation Service.

Tiamat Carrier

Personalized Support Service Agent 

Tiamat Carrier

Tiamat began her medical career as an emergency medical dispatcher at Urgence-Santé, taking emergency calls. This experience allowed her to develop her communication and emergency management skills.

After obtaining her diploma as a Licensed Practical Nurse, Tiamat worked in the field as a volunteer travel nurse in remote regions of Quebec and in all types of medical facilities. After several years on the travel nurse team at the Charles LeMoyne Hospital, she was trained in neurosurgery, oncology, nephrology and medicine in 13 departments.
She currently uses her teaching skills as an instructor for the SASI Licensed Practical Nurses program.

As a Personalized Support Service Agent, Tiamat will be the point of contact for users (patients, family caregivers and healthcare professionals), providing them with information about clinical research and guiding them in their search for ongoing or upcoming clinical trials that meet their needs.


Xavier Bonhomme

Quality Systems and Training Specialist 

Xavier Bonhomme

Xavier has over 34 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry, in hospital settings and in academic research. He has 12 years of experience in hospital pharmacy manufacturing control in Europe and he decided to pursue his career in Quebec in 2000. Upon arrival, Xavier was introduced to clinical research at a major Montreal Clinical Research Organization (CRO) and spent 17 years working in quality assurance with sponsors and regulatory agencies from around the world.

In 2018, Xavier joined the MUHC Research Institute, where he developed a deeper understanding of the diversity of structures and methods that prevent the research community from achieving the success it deserves. Xavier’s goal is to find effective solutions to counter this phenomenon and to implement tools to facilitate the daily life of teams.

As a Specialist in Quality Systems and Training at CATALIS Quebec, Xavier wants to concretize his ideal of transposing best practices to the world of research, now at a provincial level, while privileging simplicity to the service of human potential. He is convinced that sharing ideas, tools and knowledge will help to promote the many strengths of Quebec’s clinical research ecosystem well beyond the province’s borders.

Alexandra Verreault

B. SC.

Program Manager

Alexandra Verreault, B. Sc.

Alexandra brings close to 10 years of experience in the field of clinical research. During that time, she has led several Phase I to IV clinical trials, both industry and investigator initiated. Having overseen the continuous ethics review for the Office of Responsible Conduct in Research at the Université de Montréal and having been a member of the CHU Sainte-Justine Research Ethics Board, she has built up an expertise in the fields of research ethics and the regulatory environment of clinical research in Quebec. This knowledge was put into use and refined when she coordinated all clinical research, at the macro level, of a hospitalization unit at the CHU Sainte-Justine.

As Program Manager, Alexandra is responsible, in collaboration with the CEO, for the coordination of the various advisory committees of the CATALIS Network and participates in the development of common provincial tools aimed at optimizing the clinical research environment in Quebec.


Thomas de Brouwer


Communications Manager

Thomas de Brouwer, M.A.

Thomas holds a Master’s degree in Public Relations with a specialization in European Affairs from IHECS in Belgium. He began his career in a corporate communications agency, working mainly in the healthcare and scientific research sectors. He subsequently broadened his field of expertise to focus on audiovisual and interactive project management.

After moving to Quebec to explore the creative industries, such as visual effects and video games, Thomas has continued to hone his communication skills. His commitment to excellence and attention to detail have enabled him to successfully complete large-scale projects.

As a Communications Manager, he will contribute to the success of the organization and to the promotion of scientific innovation in Quebec. He will be responsible for a variety of communication, marketing and promotional projects for CATALIS and Clinical Trials Quebec.

Orosca-Maria Houmey


Communications Advisor 

Orosca-Maria Houmey, M.A.

Orosca-Maria holds a master’s degree in Public Communication from Laval University and has benefited from qualitative education on both sides of the Atlantic, in Belgium and Canada.

Passionate about her field of expertise, communication, she acquired multiple professional experiences in journalism, writing, digital marketing, and even scientific research when she took part in the project “Pawòl Famn”: Intersectionality and Francophone Journalism in Quebec.

Lately, she developed her leadership skills by being involved in various organizations such as AIESEC. To positively impact the community, she wants to give meaning to her career. Orosca-Maria intends to make every effort to promote CATALIS’s mission in order to achieve strategic objectives and help position Quebec as a leading figure in clinical research.


Line Darbelli

Accounting and Administration Technician 

Line Darbelli

Line has more than 10 years of experience in general accounting. She worked for the Adonis Group Inc. in accounting and was promoted to Accounts Payable Supervisor in 2020. In this role, she demonstrated her management and administrative skills through by supervising a team of 30 accounting clerks. In addition, Line was involved in one of the largest finance projects at Adonis ⁄ Metro: the integration of a new SAP accounting system.

Line also has expertise in payables, receivables, sales, physical inventory counts, bank reconciliation, accrued and prepaid expenses, and amortization.

As an Accounting and Administration Technician, Line will put her skills to work for the CATALIS mission and will contribute to position Quebec as a global leader in clinical research