CATALIS Québec is a non-profit organization whose governance relies on a network of public and private partners to carry out its mission and vision of operational improvement and excellence in clinical research in Quebec. The Advisory Committee plays an advisory role by supporting the executive management team in implementing the strategic plan and any priority actions approved by the board of directors.

Board of Directors

Marc Rivière

Marc Rivière MD

General Partner & CMO,
TVM Capital Life Sciences

Jean Groleau

Me Jean Groleau

Lawyer and co-founder Groleau Gauthier Plante LLP

Monique Lacroix

Country Head, Global Development Operations / Trial Monitoring
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc.

Louise Proulx PhD, ICD.D

Corporate Director

Diane Gosselin PhD, MBA, ASC

President & CEO

Dr Wilson Miller

Wilson Miller MD

Co-Director of Clinical Research, Lady Davis Institute
Director, Clinical Research Unit, Jewish General Hospital
Director, Developmental Therapy, Department of Oncology, McGill University
James McGill Professor, Departments of Medicine and Oncology, McGill University

Dr Guy Rouleau

Guy A. Rouleau OC, OQ, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FRSC

Director of The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Hospital Institute)
Director of the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill University
Director of the Department of Neuroscience at the McGill University Health Centre
Co-founder of the Tanenbaum Open Science Institute

Jefferson Tea PhD, MBA

Vice-President, Medical & Scientific Affairs
Takeda Canada Inc.

Observer Members

Marco Blouin

CEO, Science and Partnership Direction
Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of Quebec

Julie Couture

Director of Data Quality, Research and Internal Coordination
Minister of Health and Social Services (MSSS)

Nathalie Girarding. PhD

Strategic Projects Coordinator, Life Sciences Branch
Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation


Danika Laberge

President and Chief Executive Officer

François Painchaud

Corporate Secretary

Paul Lohnes

Treasurer, Director of Finance and Administration and Assistant Corporate Secretary

Management team

Danika Laberge

Danika Laberge PMP

President and CEO of CATALIS Québec

Ms. Laberge has over 25 years of professional experience in the research sector and the health and social services network. Drawing on her expertise, operational excellence-oriented approach, leadership, and management skills, she created a vast network of partners (“The CATALIS Network”), which she consults on an ongoing basis to identify issues within the province’s clinical research industry and develop effective communal solutions serving to accelerate the launch and optimize the conduct of clinical trials. Most notable of Ms. Laberge’s major accomplishments is the harmonization, with the participation of the CATALIS Network, of clinical research administrative practices, which led to the creation of the FAST TRACK evaluation service. This innovative program makes it possible to evaluate and authorize clinical trials in Quebec in less than eight weeks.
Before joining CATALIS, Ms. Laberge spearheaded numerous projects, including the launch of CARTaGENE, a Quebec biobank. She also oversaw the implementation and management of the McGill University Health Centre Research Institute’s McConnell Centre for Innovative Medical.

Paul Lohnes CPA, CA

Director Finance and Administration – CATALIS Québec

Paul Lohnes is a senior executive with over 40 years of experience in professional services organizations in Canada. His credentials include: audit and professional practice as a partner with KPMG in Montreal and The Netherlands; senior roles in audit standard-setting and audit regulation and quality control; and chief executive of a not-for-profit organization in the public sector. In addition to financial and audit acumen, he brings to CATALIS expertise in governance and human resources management. Paul has a keen interest in healthcare research and in contributing to achieving CATALIS’ mission. He is currently a member of the Board and the Audit and Infrastructure Committee of the Montréal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre, a member of the executive committee of the Interdisciplinary Canadian Collaborative Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Research Network (ICanCME), and a member of the Board of NOVA Hudson.

Olivier Jérôme

Director, public and patient engagement – CATALIS Québec

With over ten years of professional experience in the general and operational management of health organizations, Olivier Jérôme has overseen various mandates that focused on patients and their family caregivers. A seasoned administrator in the organizational development and operationalization of health programs, he has actively participated in creating, reorganizing, and expanding the units he was responsible for, including those in reproductive medicine, obstetrics, oncology, and rare diseases. Olivier also has a comprehensive understanding of the political environment and governmental affairs in health at the federal and provincial levels. He will use this expertise to benefit patients and family caregivers by facilitating and accelerating access to innovative health treatments. He joins the CATALIS team with a passion for both research and access to innovation in health care and will undoubtedly contribute to the success of its mission.

Isabelle Sokolnicka

Head of Communications – CATALIS Québec

Isabelle began her career as a science journalist, a role that allowed her to cover topics such as neurodevelopmental disorders affecting Canadian children and stem cell transplants for the treatment of cancer. A quadrilingual communications professional specialized in digital marketing, she is passionate about health and innovation; she was the project manager of the award-winning injury prevention program at the McGill University Health Centre. Isabelle has led national and international marketing communications initiatives in Canada and abroad in areas ranging from healthcare reform to the reduction of maternal and neonatal mortality, namely in collaboration with the University of Montreal Hospital Centre.

A brand builder and a seasoned strategist, Isabelle looks forward to joining the CATALIS team to elevate the organization’s profile and promote Quebec’s expertise in clinical research, and ultimately participate in the acceleration of innovative treatments.

Maryse Patenaude

Patient and Clinician Support Service Coordinator – CATALIS Québec

Maryse Patenaude holds a Master of Genetic Counseling from the Université de Montréal and a Specialized Studies Diploma in Management from HEC Montreal. She has been working in the health field for almost twenty years. Having acquired experience in clinical research with the Breast Cancer Research Group (Groupe de recherche en cancer du sein), Maryse then worked as a genetic counselor for over 10 years. She was able to share her knowledge of medical genetics with many patients and health professionals, mainly in the fields of prenatal genetics, reproduction, and oncology. Maryse then participated in the coordination and management of a research unit in the field of medical data analysis and integration, while ensuring the utmost respect for patient confidentiality, as well as for current standards and regulations.

Having developed an empathetic, patient-oriented approach, and with her vast experience in the Quebec health sector, Maryse is enthusiastically joining the CATALIS team to participate in the development of the personalized clinical trial support service.

Alexandra Verreault

Project Manager – CATALIS Québec

Alexandra brings close to 10 years of experience in the field of clinical research. During that time, she has led several Phase I to IV clinical trials, both industry and investigator initiated. Having overseen the continuous ethics review for the Office of Responsible Conduct in Research at the Université de Montréal and having been a member of the CHU Sainte-Justine Research Ethics Board, she has built up an expertise in the fields of research ethics and the regulatory environment of clinical research in Quebec. This knowledge was put into use and refined when she coordinated all clinical research, at the macro level, of a hospitalization unit at the CHU Sainte-Justine.

As Project Manager at CATALIS, Alexandra will be responsible, in collaboration with the other project managers, for the implementation of the new FASTTRACK evaluation service. She will have the pleasure of working with and supporting a network of committed and dedicated members who are all eager to optimize and accelerate the accessibility of clinical trials in Quebec.

Natalie Saunders

Project Manager – CATALIS Québec

Natalie holds a BSc in Neuroscience and a MSc in Occupational Therapy, both from McGill University. Upon completing her Master’s degree she worked as a clinical research coordinator for several international phase 1-3 ALS studies at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, a top enrolling site. Natalie has extensive knowledge in neuromuscular diseases, good clinical practice, and clinical outcome measures. Before joining CATALIS, Natalie mentored a team of clinical research coordinators in ALS, overseeing approximately 15 trials at a time, while also partaking in start-up activities for new ALS studies.

Passionate about patient care and education, Natalie has participated in ALS support groups, educated newly diagnosed patients about clinical research, and contributed to clinical management research studies. She has attended and presented at national and international conferences for ALS, networking with researchers and sponsors around the world.As a Project Manager, Natalie will partake in the FAST TRACK program with the goal of helping patients obtain better access to clinical trials in Quebec.

Kristina Amja

Kristina Amja

Patient and Healthcare Professional Services Agent – CATALIS Québec

Kristina holds a Master of Science in Chronic Pain from McGill University. Over the past few years, Kristina has been involved in a number of research projects related to patient partnership and patient experience in the healthcare system. Kristina also holds a Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma, a skill that will undoubtedly contribute to the development of CATALIS’ Quality Management and Continuous Service Improvement Program. Kristina also applies this knowledge in her volunteer activities with the office of Quality and Continuous Improvement at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, where she helps maintain quality improvement and optimize the quality of life of the users of this institution. Kristina’s professional goal is to promote a patient-centred approach to care and to improve and facilitate access to clinical trials in Quebec for all medical conditions.

Dorothy McKelvey

Dorothy McKelvey

Operations Manager – CATALIS Québec

Dorothy started our working as a clinical research coordinator/manager in rheumatology at the for 26 years, Clinical Trial Monitor at Nymox start-up for Phase III studies throughout the US including IRB submissions for all sites, budget negotiations and monitoring the sites for 3 years.  She started at the Research Institute of the MUHC in 2011 in the role of auditor and was promoted to Manager, Pediatric/Adult and Regulatory team including submissions and budgets. She acted as interim Associate Director of Operations for 2 years which included many managers, project managers, biostatisticians, data management, quality assurance.  Her team was multidisciplinary with research coordinators, nurses, respiratory therapists, kinesiologists, and physiotherapist in all indications not including oncology.

As Operations Manager at CATALIS, Dorothy will be responsible for the implementation, supervision, and performance of the FAST TRACK Evaluation Service and will collaborate in the management of other operational activities of CATALIS Quebec.

Mireille Dessureault

Mireille Dessureault

Project Manager, Clinical Trials – CATALIS Québec

Mireille holds two master’s degrees in science, one in molecular biology from the Université de Montréal, and a second in experimental medicine from McGill University. Over the past few years, Mireille has worked as a clinical research coordinator in hospitals, as well as a clinical trials coordinator in pharmaceutical settings.

Having started working in the field of basic research during her studies, she then became interested in the clinical aspect of oncology research. Mireille has worked in the fields of sarcoma, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and melanoma, which makes her a versatile project manager who will certainly be useful during the CATALIS FAST TRACK Evaluation Service pilot project. Mireille has always been a supporter of optimization in all aspects, and it is with great enthusiasm that she has joined the CATALIS team to contribute to the optimization and outreach of clinical research in Quebec.

Erica Monteferrante

Erica Monteferrante

Project Manager, Clinical Trials – CATALIS Québec

Eager to understand the effect of personal and professional values on healthcare decision making, Erica completed a master’s degree in Bioethics at the University of Montreal and a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies at McGill University.

Prior to joining CATALIS, Erica was involved in academia as a research coordinator at McGill University’s Centre for Genomics and Policy, and at the ‘Observatoire international sur les impacts sociétaux de l’IA et le numérique’ on projects addressing the ethical, legal, and social implications of AI and biotechnologies. In recent years, Erica has also served on research ethics boards as an ethics specialist in both academic and private settings. Passionate about the respect and well-being of research participants, she is a member of the Human Research Standards Organization, an organization that develops Canadian standards in research ethics.

Erica is looking forward to joining the interdisciplinary team of FAST TRACK project manager and will ensure that she remains responsive to the needs of participants.

Orosca-Maria Houmey

Communications Coordinator – CATALIS Québec

Orosca-Maria holds a master’s degree in Public Communication from Laval University and has benefited from qualitative education on both sides of the Atlantic, in Belgium and Canada.

Passionate about her field of expertise, communication, she acquired multiple professional experiences in journalism, writing, digital marketing, and even scientific research when she took part in the project “Pawòl Famn”: Intersectionality and Francophone Journalism in Quebec.

Lately, she developped her leadership skills by being involved in various organizations such as AIESEC. To positively impact the community, she wants to give meaning to her career. Orosca-Maria intends to make every effort to promote CATALIS’s mission in order to achieve strategic objectives and help position Quebec as a leading figure in clinical research.

Salomé Cohen

Patient and Healthcare Professional Services Agent – CATALIS Québec

Salomé holds a Bsc in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Ottawa and a MSc in Public Health from the Université de Montréal. Before joining CATALIS, Salomé worked in public health in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, supervising case-contact tracing and managing outbreaks. Over the past few years, Salomé has also been involved in volunteer work for causes that she is passionate about, such as food security and environmental protection.

Through her experiences, Salomé has developed a real desire to improve overall population health and access to healthcare. It is with a strategic approach and the ambition of contributing to facilitating access to clinical research that Salomé joins the CATALIS team, where she will participate in the development of the Personalized Clinical Trial Support Service.

Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees