MISSION clinical trials

The partners and stakeholders involved in clinical research in Quebec are coming together as part of a large-scale collective project to ensure Quebec (Canada) is recognised as a global hub for Early Stage Clinical Trials

An inpiring vision

CATALIS’ vision is to ensure that Quebec (Canada) is globally recognized for its excellence in conducting early stage clinical trials.


A federative mission

CATALIS is mandated by the provincial government to bring together all of Quebec’s life sciences stakeholders – hospitals, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and organizations – to maximize private investments and to ensure positive human, economic and social benefits.

By 2022, CATALIS’ goal is twofold: double the amount that private industry invests in early stage clinical research in Quebec and offer more patients early access to innovative healthcare.

To meet these goals, focus is placed on three strategic elements:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Clinical Leadership
  • Networking and coordination