The smart choice in early-stage clinical research

CATALIS Québec launches a promotional campaign to demonstrate Quebec’s expertise in the conduct of early-phase clinical trials and to encourage new partnerships between the biopharmaceutical industry and university research centres.


Philadelphia, October 17, 2019 – To mark the opening of the Clinical Trials Phase I and Phase IIA Summit today in Philadelphia, the non-profit partnership CATALIS Québec has announced a promotional campaign to showcase the advantages of conducting early-stage clinical research in Quebec.

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In the coming weeks, The Smart Choice will present 10 physician-scientists and nine world-renowned research hospitals, with an eye to fostering university-industry collaboration in this cutting-edge sector.

The establishment of fruitful partnerships between the biopharmaceutical industry and Quebec university research centres is one of the keys to Quebec’s competitiveness in the field of early-stage clinical research. Therefore, it is important to encourage increased private investment by, among other things, promoting Quebec’s strengths, as the CATALIS initiative proposes,” noted Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy and Innovation.

Phase I and II trials are the first studies conducted on humans to provide scientific proof of the safety and efficacy of an experimental drug or a new therapeutic approach. This research often represents an opportunity to find an additional treatment for patients with serious diseases when standard therapies have failed.

Early-stage clinical trials are more complex to implement because they require fast start-up and patient recruitment processes as well as highly specialized expertise. In Quebec, we have the best physician-scientists in all therapeutic areas, cutting-edge facilities, generous tax incentives and a global hub for artificial intelligence,” asserted Danika Laberge, the general manager of CATALIS Québec.

The pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations that collaborate with Quebec’s university research centres to conduct their clinical trials benefit from an ecosystem geared towards operational excellence.

To continue to be a global leader in early-phase clinical trials, CATALIS Québec coordinates the efforts of several public and private partners in developing resources and tools and in helping to standardize ethical and contractual processes, to ensure that, for all industry players, Quebec remains the smart choice,” concluded Danika Laberge.


CATALIS Québec Clinical Trials is a non-profit partnership dedicated to the advancement and operational excellence of early-stage clinical research in Quebec. Our mission is to promote Quebec’s expertise, know-how and state-of-the-art facilities in order to accelerate the development of innovative drugs for patients. To find out more, visit


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