CATALIS Quebec’s Network of Partners Now Includes 23 Quebec Health Institutions


In keeping with its new government mandate of bringing together clinical research stakeholders, CATALIS Quebec is pleased to announce that it is expanding the scope of its activities to a larger number of institutions in the province: it has added 23 public institutions from Quebec’s health and social services network (HSSN) to its own network of partners.

As a mobilizing force for the healthcare system’s key participants, CATALIS has always valued the ecosystem members’ involvement in identifying challenges and solutions to optimize Quebec’s clinical research environment. After four years of working with five major Quebec university hospital centres, CATALIS extended an invitation last September to HSSN institutions and members of the Table nationale des directeurs de recherche to assess their interest in joining the CATALIS network to collaborate on executing its 2020-2024 strategic plan.

Following a call for applications, we are proud to announce that 23 institutions applied and were selected to take part in implementing common clinical research tools; 15 of those institutions also applied and were chosen to participate in the new FAST TRACK evaluation service.

The FAST TRACK evaluation service is a key flagship project for CATALIS which uses an innovative process to authorize pharmaceutical company-financed clinical trials within 8 weeks. CATALIS recently released the results of its first pilot project, in which 4 HSSN sites ranked among the 5 fastest sites in the world, in a Phase lll clinical trial conducted at more than 1,000 sites in 40 countries.


Ministre Pierre Fitzgibbon

“By multiplying collaborations and strengthening the exchange of knowledge between public and private sector stakeholders, CATALIS Quebec is helping to build a more effective life sciences industry. As one of the network’s financial partners, we want to help advance science and innovation to accelerate clinical research so that new health knowledge can be acquired more quickly,” stated Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy and Innovation and Minister Responsible for Regional Economic Development



CATALIS is delighted to announce that the 15 HSSN institutions involved in the new FAST TRACK evaluation service and participating in implementing common clinical research tools are:


Logos of the 15 health institutions members of the CATALIS network participating in the FAST TRACK evaluation program


In keeping with their expressed interest, these 8 HSSN institutions will only take part in implementing the common clinical research tools:


8 HSSN insttaking part in implementing the common clinical research tools


Danika Laberge, CATALIS Quebec’s General Manager, welcomes these new collaborations. “We are pleased to be able to count on 23 health institutions’ commitment to CATALIS’ activities for the coming years, because their cooperation will not only provide Quebec with access to a multitude of common tools to track provincial activities and performance in real-time, but Quebec will also be able to stand out internationally by offering one of the most innovative clinical trial launch models in the world,” she said.

In addition to the 5 founding institutions that are already members of the CATALIS network, the 18 new health and social services institutions are now affiliated with the large CATALIS multi-stakeholder network, which is supported by the Ministry of Health and Social Services and the Ministry of Economy and Innovation and includes industry partners, leading clinical researchers, patient associations, and patient partners.