NEPTUNUS-2 Study: Sjogren’s Syndrome Clinical Trial Approved in 8 Weeks via CATALIS’ FAST TRACK Evaluation Service


As mentioned in our December 2022 newsletter, CATALIS is proud to announce that its FAST TRACK Evaluation Service continues to allow industry-financed studies to be authorized in record time.

In NEPTUNUS-2, a phase III study, Novartis and Dr. Isabelle Fortin are testing the efficacy and safety of Ianalumab in patients with Sjögren Syndrome, a rare disease. This study, which is taking place in 195 sites in 30 countries and aims to recruit 489 patients across the globe, was authorized in Quebec in 8 weeks by the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux du Bas-Saint-Laurent (CISSS Bas-St-Laurent).

Isabelle Fortin




“I found the FAST TRACK Evaluation Service motivating and stimulating. It upended some old attitudes and habits for the good of patients’ access to treatment. Thank you to the CATALIS team for their great work!” Dr. Isabelle Fortin, rheumatologist, CISSS Bas-Saint-Laurent





Michel Simard



“Providing timely access to clinical trials is essential for our users’ quality of care. Our institution is proud to make every effort to shorten the approval times for industry-financed clinical trials. CATALIS’ FAST TRACK Evaluation Service has provided us with the means to do so.”Michel Simard, director of multidisciplinary services, education, and research, CISSS Bas-Saint-Laurent 




The CATALIS’ FAST TRACK Evaluation Service has so far activated 11 clinical trials. Thanks to the commitment of its Network of partners, CATALIS is pleased to continue building on this momentum and reduce the approval times of clinical trials by almost 75% in order to accelerate the development of potential innovative treatments for patients.

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