A New Chair and a New Member of CATALIS Quebec’s Board of Directors


Since 2017, CATALIS Quebec’s Board of Directors (BOD) has featured experts from Quebec healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and independent directors. The Board ensures the sound governance of CATALIS and of its strategic direction, in order to implement the execution of common provincial solutions that will accelerate the discovery of innovative treatments for the benefit of the province’s patients. 

CATALIS is pleased to announce the appointment of Me Jean Groleau as Chair of the Board of Directors and Patrice Roy as board member.  


The Board of Directors Welcomes Me Jean Groleau 


It is with utmost delight that I accept this nomination as Chair of the CATALIS Board of Directors. I am pleased to have the opportunity to ensure that in every major decision the organization makes, the needs of patients and caregivers will be considered. As the parent of children with a rare disease and co-founder and president of a foundation dedicated to medical research, I recognize the importance and, above all, the urgency of accessing new innovative medical therapies. Patients of all ages and medical conditions must have easy access to clinical trials anywhere in Quebec.” – Me Jean GroleauChair of CATALIS’ Board of Directors


Me Groleau is a seasoned lawyer specializing in both administrative and judicial tax litigation. First launching his career as a lawyer in Revenue Québec’s litigation department, he was named a partner at a national firm and both vice-president and chairman of its board of directors before co-founding Groleau Gauthier Plante LLP in 2015. 

 While working in the legal field, Me Groleau has also been hugely committed to philanthropy. In addition to having served on the board of directors of the Sainte-Justine Hospital Foundation for five years, Me Groleau and his spouse established, in 2006, the Fondation de l’Ataxie Charlevoix-Saguenay. This foundation finances research to discover and develop a curative treatment to help people with autosomal recessive spastic ataxia, a progressive, hereditary, and debilitating neurological disease. Furthermore, Me Groleau sits on the board of directors of the Centre d’Art Battat foundation, whose mission is to support artists and the arts. Before being nominated as Chair of CATALIS’ board of directors, he served as its Vice-President for two years.  


A Message from Dr. Marc Rivière, Outgoing Chair of CATALIS’ Board of Directors  

Photo de Marc Rivière



I want to acknowledge how proud I am of CATALIS Quebec’s achievements.  I am impressed with the growing team’s accomplishments and the collaborative work they have done across the province. After five years of service, I am happy that Me Jean Groleau is now taking over as Chair. His expertise will serve to ensure that CATALIS can implement a program of activities and services that meet the needs of Quebec patients.” – Dr. Marc Rivière, Past Chair of CATALIS Board of Directors 



Me Groleau and the board of directors’ members would like to thank Dr. Marc Rivière for his commitment and invaluable contribution to CATALIS’ mission. They are thrilled that he will remain a member of the CATALIS Quebec board of directors.  


The Board of Directors Welcomes Patrice Roy 




I am pleased to be joining CATALIS’ board of directors to take part, over the next few years, in fostering the growth of clinical research in Quebec, impacting patients within the province, and developing our collective expertise.”– Patrice Roy, Consultant, Medical Affairs, Inflammation and Immunology, Pfizer Canada




Patrice Roy holds a PhD in biochemistry from the Université de Montréal and a Master’s degree in business administration from McGill University, double-majoring in human resources and marketing. Patrice joined Pfizer Canada in 1996 as an assistant director of central research in Canada. He then became the first assistant medical director of its medical affairs division before being promoted to regional director of medical affairs for Quebec, the Maritimes, and Western Canada. He is currently Consultant, Medical Affairs, Inflammation and Immunology at Pfizer Canada. Before joining Pfizer, Patrice was in charge of the administration of the university research groups on Alzheimer and dislipidemia.

Over the years, Patrice Roy has had the opportunity to sit on the boards of research centres and funding agencies. He has also been involved in developing organizations that drive the life sciences sector.