Patient Partners and 11 Patient Organizations Have Joined CATALIS Québec


CATALIS Québec and its partners want the patient’s voice to be heard in all facets of clinical research in Quebec. As a result, we are now working with patient organizations and patient partners from various therapeutic fields by including them on our new patient advisory committee.

In carrying out its mandate, CATALIS aims to facilitate clinicians’ and patients’ engagement and participation in clinical trials for a variety of medical conditions. We are proud that patients, family caregivers, and patient groups are now part of the CATALIS network and are involved in developing its new programs.

This latest collaboration will enhance and complement CATALIS’ inclusive model, which already consists of institutions from the health and social services network, the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, industry partners, leading clinical researchers, and other ecosystem stakeholders.

“We firmly believe that patient, family caregiver, and patient organization participation is an essential component of integrating innovation through clinical research, which will improve health care in Quebec,” stated Danika Laberge, General Manager. “Our efforts to promote patient participation are intended to encourage, empower, and mandate all Quebecers to be integral participants in both research and in the care they receive,” she added.

We have made sure that these new collaborators represent the vast diversity of Quebec’s patient and caregiver communities, whose needs vary greatly depending on their medical situation. As such, clinical research in Quebec is showing that it is a flexible and unifying ecosystem that can respond to yet unmet health needs. We can count on talented researchers who continually contribute to the advancement of life sciences for the benefit of Quebecers affected by disease.

Gail Ouellette, President and Co-Founder of the Regroupement québécois des maladies orphelines, a provincial association for orphan diseases, welcomes CATALIS’ mission of supporting more clinical trials on rare diseases being conducted in Quebec. “To ensure that Quebecers with rare diseases have the opportunity to be involved not only as participants in clinical research, but also as partners, to better express their needs and priorities.”

The 11 patient organizations listed above are joining CATALIS Québec’s new patient advisory committee to work on developing key projects focused on ensuring that all patients in Quebec who want to participate in clinical trials can easily access them.


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